Magazine Article 7.17


Article #1

My college, Eastern Nazarene, is a college in Massachusetts that is located near the great city of Boston.  Every year, visitors from all over the country visit Boston.  It is a city that is filled with history and significance.

There are many colleges located in Boston, Massachusetts.  They include Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, Northeastern University and many colleges in and out of the city.  Close to 200,000 students occupy Boston at a given time.

There are many places for you to visit when you get to Boston.  You can go to the Boston Zoo or you can go to Boston Aquarium.  There are also a couple of historic museums to visit.

If you like sporting events, this city is the place for you.   It is filled with historic places to watch a sporting event of your choice.  You can go to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play, you can go to the Garden to see the Celtics or the Bruins play, or you can go to Gillett stadium to see the patriots play.

The restaurants in Boston are amazing.  You can go get the best pizza in the world at any given time, or you can go get the best Italian deserts that you will ever taste at Mikes Pastries.  IF you don’t want to go to any of these,, you can visit the bars located all around Boston.

If you want to shop, this is the place for you.  There is the Quincy market, which is an outdoor market that you can buy anything you want.  There are also hundreds of shops for you to visit so you can purchase that special souvenir.

Boston is a great place that anyone should visit.  When you visit Boston, you will not be disappointed.


Article #3

When I was growing up, my father used to tell me this story.  This story stuck with me for my whole life and it has the most powerful moral that I could think of.  The story goes like this.

One day, there was a farmer and his donkey.  That morning, the donkey fell into a deep well.  The donkey cried and cried for hours and hours.

The farmer decided that the donkey was old so he grabbed a shovel and started throwing dirt on top of the donkey.  The donkey started crying more and more but then, out of nowhere, he stopped.

A couple more hours of shoveling dirt, the farmer thought he was done.  So he looked down into the well.  He could not believe his eyes when he did.  With every shovel full, the donkey would shake it off and use that dirt to take a step up.

After about 10 minutes, the donkey stepped out of the whole.  Everyone was amazed that this “old” donkey could accomplish such an amazing task.  The donkey just trotted off happier than ever.

The moral of this story is, life is going to shovel dirt on you.  The trick of getting out is to shake it off and take a step up.  Use your troubles and hardships as a stepping stone to happiness and satisfaction. Never give up, shake it off, and take a step up.  With this, you can get out of the deepest wells.

Now…that’s enough.  The donkey later came back and bit the farmer in the butt.  The bite caused the farmer to get an infection and he later died that day.

So the real moral of the story is when you do something wrong, and try to cover your a** (slang for donkey), it will always come back and bite you.


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